About us
In 1992, novacare® started developing and distributing medical devices with special focus on pressure care and pressure sore prevention products e.g. alternating pressure systems, hollow fiber and foam products. The company was founded by brothers Jens and Lars Friebel and has its headquarters in Bad Dürkheim/Palatinate. With the introduction of the first width-adjustable (39-50 cm) lightweight wheelchair in 2009, the company ventured into the wheelchair sector. In 2011, the innovative ProLift product line was introduced offering a range of high-quality aluminum patient hoist solutions. novacare® products are available in a vast number of European and Non-European countries.

Product development & service
A great portion of our work is devoted to product development. Securing our product quality is our special interest. The use of high-quality materials assures a high therapeutic benefit combined with durability. Most compressors of our alternating pressure systems feature e.g. full-metal cases and polyurethane membranes, which results in a maximum lifespan. This is why we can offer 24 months guarantee on all alternating pressure operating units. Therefore, safety related check-up and inspection of operating unit needs to be done only after expiration of this period. novacare® has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485, your guarantee for persistant quality and flawless functioning. Trust in countless endorsement worldwide and count on the quality of our company and products.

Decubitus – therapy and prevention
Our hollow fiber product range has been developed especially for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers in home care-giving. The products feature a filling of siliconized polyester hollow fibers. This fiber filling greatly reduces shear, offers an even pressure distribution and high comfort while being breathable and cost-effective at the same time. The use of highquality foam mattresses offers another method for the reduction of resting pressures. The choice of materials as well as the type of combination and cuts are crucial. For our foam mattresses, we offer high-quality PU protection covers. They are e.g. made from breathable polyester fiber with polyurethane coating, bi-elastic, steam-permeable and liquid-tight. The novacare® alternating pressure range impresses with its innovative diversity for a broad range of applications, which is unrivaled. In addition to flexible systems for decubitus treatment up to grade IV (according to EPUAP), it also offers individual solutions for specific patient needs as well as sustainable re-use models for the lump compensation system. ASX systems have been developed for care-giving at home. Their definition of quality and configuration standard excels in this product category. The APM product line and the low air loss system LAS 500 N have been specifically developed for residential care and clinical use. Therefore, the systems feature additional functions important for these application purposes and are used to treat patients with high decubitus risk. High-quality components ensure maximum therapeutic benefit and a long product life.

Patient transfer systems lightweight - mobile - user-friendly - ergonomic
The novacare® ProLift series was developed based on years of practical experience in the field of nursing, geriatric care and orthopedic engineering and offers a wide range of innovative patient hoists for homecare as well as clinical use. Ergonomics and ease of use played a major role. The use of up-to-date materials in combination with high-quality accessories ensures maximum quality of our patient hoists. The entire series features an optimal lift/ weight ratio. Besides, due to their closed low friction wheels, the hoists are extremely mobile. A vast variety of sling models for different care purposes and sizes is additionally available. Using optimal patterns and selected materials ensures an easy and comfortable positioning of the patient. With the introduction of the width-adjustable lightweight wheelchair VarioXX, we revolutionized the wheelchair sector. The quick-change artist offers a high degree of flexibility and fast operation at the same time. Within a few minutes, the VarioXX can be optimally adapted to individual patient needs and is immediately ready for use. Another positive feature of the VarioXX is its high cost-effectiveness. By simply adapting the wheelchair on site, stock requirements for different wheelchair sizes are reduced and, due to the on-site adaptation, time as well as travel savings achieved.


More than 150 healthy SISSEL® aids for your well-being - Naturally Swedish
Evolvement after a long period of maturity: Today, the SISSEL® brand is no longer just the epitome of a relaxed, restful sleep, but also stands for a world-renowned range of innovative health products with a natural Swedish demand. A claim that has been firmly anchored in the brand logo as a foundation for the company philosophy: SISSEL® - „The natural way of Sweden“. Thus, the product range now includes more than 150 natural SISSEL® aids for highest demands. From tension-free sleep and healthy sitting and moving to relaxing massage and efficient hot-cold as well as portable therapy – the brand offers a wide range for different target groups and needs. In addition, in the field of the Pilates body & mind training, an attractive range for Pilates matwork was introduced in 2002, including rollers, circles, balls and much more. In order to secure the innovative advantage of the SISSEL® brand in the future, an international network of experts with representatives from medicine, sports and exercise science is constantly working on the perfection and need-oriented expansion of the SISSEL® product line.


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